big love juice is not a juice bar….it’s a space as unique as you are, where you can be yourself, where we are committed to connecting with you, fueling you, sharing what we know with you, making you the best quality nourishment with care, good intention and positive vibes and keeping that healthy happy you coming back everyday.

Cold Pressed

Cold Pressing is the only way to get all the good out of your greens, fruits and veggies. Nutrients and phytochemicals are released under gentle pressure rather than being compromised with heat or diluted by additives. Our juice is raw so you get all the good stuff intact: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids and a healthy amount of fiber. Boost your nutritional habits, focus and energy with a daily dose of raw juice.

raw & ORganic

Our raw juice and smoothies are unpasteurized for optimal nutrition. You want organic, fresh, raw, wickedly wild tasting juice with some far out ingredients, superfoods and flavors....that’s how we love the fuel.


juice cleanse

We have created 3 day bundles designed to meet your needs or choose a fully customizable 10 juice pack. Planning a juice cleanse? Skip some meals and hard-to-crush habits by swapping them out for liquid nutrition. Thinking of a juice fast? Check with your health care provider first.

Super chill news…coming soon…YIN + JUICE!


Superfoods are ultra-pure, concentrated forms of nutrition. Often found in diets of ancient and  traditional cultures, such as fungi in forests, algae in pure alpine waters, teas on mountain slopes or berries from the tropics, these are fascinating edible ingredients. They contain micro-nutrients, adaptogens, anti-oxidants, and have anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing and neural function benefits.


QUATTRO filtered water

We filter our water in house using a 4 steps process because we prefer the good clean taste and knowing that chemicals and impurities hanging around in city pipes have been removed.



Yes. Yes. Yes. We have Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls which have loads of fruits, berries, greens and plant based proteins plus power packing add-ins to choose from so you can get creative and energized.


The amazonian super berry called Acai (ah-sigh-ee) makes a healthy luscious base the way we blend it with coconut and blueberries. Our Acai Bowls are piled with loads of beautiful ingredients - they’re organic, Non- GMO and rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants.


We have a big love for a great Espresso, Cortado, Latte, and carefully steeped tea. We carry Maniac Coffee which is truly the best roaster around and we blend our teas and tisanes in house. We make syrups from scratch using the finest organic ingredients and serve Ceremonial grade Matcha and house made Golden Mylk.

Cups or bottles

We prefer 100% compostable cups to PET plastic or glass bottles. But we want you to pack your juice on the trail and the road too, so we have bottles for purchase. It is a win-win.

compostable packaging

Our 100% compostable take out packaging will be returned to earth in 90 days under proper conditions.

How can I get My Big Love Juice?

When you have time to hang out, tuck into a booth or disappear upstairs in our cozy mezzanine at The Herald Juicery. Grab a window seat or stool at the bar in Fairhaven….or sink into the sofa in The Boardroom. When you are trying to beat the clock, you can use our online ordering or the app for pick up or delivery. Give us a call, we would love to get your order started.