Can I purchase A juice cleanse?

Yes. We have 3 day cleanse programs and customizable 10 beverage bundles. A 10 pack will save you 10%.



Our raw juice and smoothies are unpasteurized for optimal nutrition. When you want fresh, raw, wickedly wild tasting juice with some far out ingredients, superfoods and flavor want Big Love Juice. 


Why Cold Pressed?

Cold Pressing is a method of grinding raw ingredients and then pressing the pulp between interlocking plates under high pressure to extract every drop of pure juice. Our juice is served raw, optimally fresh and never pasteurized.

what are superfoods?

Superfoods are ultra-pure, concentrated forms of nutrition. Often found in diets of ancient and  traditional cultures, such as fungi in forests, algae in pure alpine waters, teas on mountain slopes or berries from the tropics, these are fascinating edible ingredients. They contain micro-nutrients, adaptogens, anti-oxidants, and have anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing and neural function benefits, adding them to your diet with our beverages and bowls may improve health and well-being.  


Why Do We purify our water in house?

We prefer the good clean taste and knowing that chemicals and impurities have been removed. It's a cutting edge technology invented and built right here in Bellingham.

why do we package our juice in cups?

You will see a colorful array of beverages in our display case. We serve in 100% compostable cups and pour to order. We prefer the cup to glass or PET plastic bottles because most of our beverages are consumed at the table. For those wanting something for the trail or the road, we offer a variety of sizes and packaging alternatives for purchase to meet your specific needs. This way we can keep the value high and the waste low. It is a win-win.


What about coffeE?

Yes. Espresso, lattes, tea and more. We blend our teas and tisanes in house and change with the seasons. Syrups? Yup, made from scratch. Call us crazy...



Beet on Black.jpg


Can I get Smoothies too?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Shakes and Granitas as well. Plus we have loads of add-ins to choose from so you can get creative.


why is compostable packaging better?

100% compostable packaging will be returned to earth in 90 days under proper conditions. This beats recycling. And it avoids bottles mistakenly ending up in landfills which can happen when proper recycling is not available.


How can I get My Big Love Juice?

Tuck in to one of our tables if you have time. But if you can't stay, or are in a hurry, you can use our online ordering or the app combined with our counter pick up and delivery.