no brainer.

Made right here. Intensely hand-crafted by us. 



Bring it.

Inspired and passionate.

Our roots are here. We bring you the love through our juice & bowls. It's from the heart. It's the way we live. It's the things we love to love.



Shine on.

Our deep love of simplicity fuels our passion for flavor, authenticity and earthiness.

We use tasty nutritious pure ingredients only. You get what we get.

It's that simple.



Bowls to the wall.

You want a bowl. We've got everything you can imagine, and even things you can't, in a bowl.

Venture to the max.


Our hearts are in it.

Its so rad creating incredibly fresh, raw, unfiltered, sassy juice and deeply satisfying foods to fuel you.

Our menu is fresh and simple, brimming with colorful, flavorful food. We naturally create loads of gluten-free, lectin-free and vegan items.

We are doing this because making good things and creating positive space amplifies the fun factor. Take part. Show up. Go deep. Fill your lungs. Climb. Get wet. Hug it out. Send it. Stick your line. Be amazed. 



better together.

We source as much locally, organic and NON-GMO as possible. Our coffee is roasted a few blocks away. Berries, apples, greens, yogurt and honey - all from the county, all things that flourish in this climate.

We love exotic too and take care in sourcing our other ingredients like fruits, chocolate and superfoods.


Love the fuel.

fuel the love.

We use 100% compostable packaging and recycle everything that we possibly can.

Our farmer friend Rachel feeds her goats, ducks and chickens our food scraps. 

Our team sends contributions back into our community through BLJ charity programs. We are more than juice. We are a big love that shines on and on and on....



Inside BLJ we have bits and pieces of our lives and other local businesses and artists spicing up our walls. We love the stories things tell. Embrace the journey.

Up cycle.


More to the story.

There is before this and after this. Things will never be the same.

We are stoked to begin the next chapter and invite you in.

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