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addressing COVID-19

we have always been here for you - delivering healthy when you need it, and now we all need it more than ever. in compliance with new regulations we will continue serving grab + go, take out and free delivery so you can enjoy our juice + food; on our patio, at home or in the office. make your purchases in person, online or by phone. challenging times call for us to be strong, united and look out for one another with respect + compassion. we will be here...for you, and for our team. we thank you for being calm + optimistic in these unpredictable times.


big love juice is more than a juice bar, it’s an invitation into a world of superfoods, beautiful 

ingredients, and fuel that treats you right. 

As a hyper local company, we are committed to fresh ingredients, local sourcing and

sustainable practices that keep our community healthier and happier. 

From the beginning we've been here to ensure the freshest and most quality fuel available to Bellingham - food that fuels the mind, body and soul. It's simple, you get what we get. 

cold pressed

We juice our 100% organic fruits, vegetable and greens with cold pressure. By cold pressing our juice we ensure that you get the most out of our product. Our juice is not compromised with heat or diluted by additives.

We keep our juices raw so that all the good stuff stays intact: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids and a healthy amount of fiber.