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big love juice bar + kitchen
bellingham's tiniest, healthiest eatery

reboot with a
big love bundle.

free winter tea with cleanse purchase.

clean, vibrant eating
at its best.

order online + receive a 5% discount.

support your well being.
clear your mind.

less additives. more energy. 

meet the team.
join our community.

get in touch.


"uplifting vibes, delicious food, would overall recommend."


"juices were tasty and refreshing. nice pick me up after a bit of a walk.


"visited for the first time and wouldn't hesitate to go back again."

fuel the love

love what you do. do what you love.

as a hyper local company, our mission is to create  100% organic, raw  juice using sustainable practices  to make our community a healthier + happier place.

big love is more than a juice bar, it’s an invitation into a world of superfoods, beautiful ingredients and healthy fuel that inspires + defines you.

we are committed to hand crafting your food, local sourcing and making the best cold pressed juice possible.

10-4 daily

where bellingham goes for fuel

want more?

visit our sister ship in bow

cob + cork

open wednesday to saturday 5-9pm

sunday 10-2:30


look for some love from us in your inbox,

big love.

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